Monday, June 03, 2013

In My Pila

Sooooo, this is kind of exciting: "Rejoice with those who rejoice!" I was really rejoicing the other week when the proof copy of En Mi Pila (In My Pila) arrived at my doorstep. A back-burner project of over three years (that is REALLY back-burner), it was a big learning curve to get a handle on the book industry, different publishing venues, etc. There were a lot of set-backs, a lot of months of idleness, life was just busy when working full-time for a ministry, but things finally moved forward this year.

In My Pila is a Spanish/English bilingual children's book birthed from the unexpected discovery that there is actually a severe shortage of relevant children's books for the children of Latin America. In sourcing books for the at-the-time new library in the Global Shore school in Tizate, Guatemala back in 2009, I came across various issues which in the end, inspired me to pen my own book.

Forgetting that I was only a wannabe artist, I bought a drawing book from Chapters and started trying to capture the little girl in my mind who is the central character in the book. After this embarrassing attempt (right), I knew it was hopeless!

Invited for dinner one night at my friend Krista Reimer's place, the idea of the book came up and she jumped all over offering to do the illustrations! It had not even entered my mind to ask her for, although an extremely talented artist, Krista was busy at the time launching her own art career, mothering two children and being a busy farmer's wife. I would never even have dreamed of asking her to be part of the project, especially because from inception it was to be a non-profit project that would bring in funds for literacy. But she was in. All the way.

What a God-send!

Her illustrations took the book to a whole new level.

So, three and a half years later, we give you In My Pila, a story featuring a Spanish girl and her day to day adventures with her "pila" --a common household object in Latin American households but here, the object of the playful habits of an imaginative and somewhat accident prone little girl!

Available for purchase at, or from me directly.

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