Monday, October 01, 2012

Banks House 2.0

Allow me to use this virtual soapbox as a platform to introduce you to a really sweet, grassroots worship movement going on in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I have been so blessed and ministered to by the sounds coming out of United Pursuit. Simple lyrics and choruses that meditate on the truths of God, United Pursuit began as a group of good friends who decided to come together to worship Jesus on Tuesday nights in their living room. They purchased a house together on Banks Ave and had their worship nights there. Then more friends started coming. and then some more again, until they had 40 or so friends packed in their little living room. They tore down some walls to accommodate 75 friends and there reached capacity. Then they recorded some of their live worship music and it made it's way around the world and has touched many people.

they are now trying to buy a new "house," a warehouse, that they want to convert to be a giant living room able to accommodate 400 friends to worship God together. it is called the Banks House 2.0

they need to raise $100,000 by October 6th. they are just over halfway there. Check out their music, check out their campaign. it is goodness. please give. we've all got a little extra in our back pocket. this is Kingdom stuff.


Some music samples:
"Set a Fire" (here's the living room)

"Give me Your Eyes"   (a personal favorite, from an album cut with all proceeds going to Iris Ministries)

hot off the press: