Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012: Guatemala

It is the dry season in Guatemala right now.

I woke up to the sound of rain.

I thought I was dreaming. truly. I thought I was making it up in my mind. So I rolled over and went back to bed.

But then I was sure that it was rain. But it's the dry season! so i got out of bed and looked out the window. and it was raining, most definitely raining, in the middle of the dry season.

and in my half-comatose state, the strong and seemingly very logical thought that came to mind, unrivaled, was that the Spirit was raining down. The Spirit was raining down. And it had to do something with the Young Adult group that was just with us and who has now returned to Canada.

And that was the only thing it could be.


During worship this morning at church, my mind was supremely distracted. Supremely. I was exasperated with catching my mind wandering to all the work-related things that have to be done this week and finally I just said out loud to the Lord, "Jesus, this is YOUR time. This mind is yours, help me to worship you with my mind."

And what happened next was this: the Lord brought me into a deeply focused meditation on the cross. I couldn't tell you what song was playing or for how long I sat there with my eyes closed, but the Lord brought me into a meditation of Christ on the cross and brought great revelation to my heart. And it was precious.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately.

Many of those thoughts have arisen from the Book of the Year, "The Knowledge of the Holy" by Tozer.

One thought I will write briefly on is the Eternity of God.

I will paint something soon that will depict the following:


This line is the history of the world.

The white space around it is eternity.

Extending outwards. Forever. For eternity.

And my life and yours, while in these finite bodies, move in one direction along that line.

But eternity engulfs that line and is not limited to time in the same way. It is all of it at once.

And God inhabits eternity.

And meditating on this has brought great revelation to me lately.

And part of that revelation is really understanding for the first time how my words echo throughout eternity. Because my little life on that little line, when I send up a prayer, a declaration, when I "speak blessing or cursing" (hopefully the former and not the latter) that sound wave comes up from that little line into the white space.

And echoes for eternity.

And I didn't totally buy into that the last two years until I meditated on my life as a line within eternity.

And now I can't stop thinking about it.

And that's why what I do matters. and what I say matters. And Praise the Lord He wipes my sinful acts out of the eternal picture when I am found, and remain, in Jesus [as far as the east is from the west...(that's a really long way when eternity knows no limits)] But only he can erase eternal things. and Praise the Lord he counts faith as righteousness, and righteousness lasts for eternity. Because that's a quality of the Godhead and faith, to begin with, is authored by God.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What's with this. Kat? updating? Never.

Inspiration comes from strange sources sometimes. The inspiration to update this time came from a friend studying abroad in England who himself is keeping a blog and his witty, humorous, well-written post that I read this morning has been, I believe, the catalyst for my own entry.

Some other time I will bear my heart online, at least my spiritual heart, but for now I will simply do what I tend towards too often (apologies), and that is: to link you elsewhere.

The good news is my links always lead to (in my opinion) worthy rabbit trails.

The other good news is if you read this blog, which is about me, myself and I (SHEESH. how narcissistic can our culture get), the links usually lead somewhere that is also related, myself and I. Ha.

This time the link will lead you to the Global Shore ministry webpage, especially to a link on the current house project that we are doing down in Guatemala. A family donated the dollars to fund this house project and I am just returning from leading a two-week long missions trip down south (January 16 - 27th) where we tore down the existing cornstalk structure and began the ground work for a new, block home. I wrote the update for that page so it's sorta like me blogging...right?

It's good stuff building homes for people.

That project will be completed early March.

I'll be heading south again on the 17th with a young adult group to carry on with it and other God-honoring goodness.

Check it out! Germana's House.