Thursday, September 29, 2011

I spend my life surrounded by cool people.

They are just cool.

And only cool people check out my blog.

So I would like Cool-abroad to meet Cool-local.

And you can experience some of the coolness that I too am witness to every Sunrise/Sunset.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I feel a real spontaneous urge to update The Blog.

Let's see....

The best phrase I have heard in a long time that has wiggled it's way into my heart, mind and theology is this:




that will for sure make it into, I'm sure, several conversations in the both near and distant future.

it came in the form of B.Bradshaw with Hiebs and myself, "just me and the speck, shooting the breeze" by the Mission river the other night, eating Cobbs' apple strudel, fireside, and sharing the Deep of our summers together.

and it was noted that we are, as Christians, "positioned by design."

Here is a song that although not directly related, represents the New on my music scene and should be on your scene too. Infinite thanks to M.Froese for zipping me an email from Berlin with the head's up on Will Reagan and United Pursuit. See the sidebar.