Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here we are! A Saturday night. those are beautiful things. relaxed on a very impressionable couch, half a mind here, half a mind on the Return of the Jedi. Man; '80's "monsters" look like muppets. Brutal. what is the big deal.

Here is an odd thing about the asparagus barn that I just cannot get over:

at the end of the day, the barn "DJ" staff have appointed a song as the "end-of-day" song, meaning, 10 minutes before the end of each work day, this song is played. The closest thing in my experience to the end-of-the day song of the barn is the reaction of swimmers in a wave pool.

West Edmonton Mall. All the little families paddling away in the pool and suddenly!


The bell is tolled, a collective scream arises, and the much-anticipated waves are artificially generated from...somewhere....and....yeah. That is what the barn is like.

"Waving Flag" by K'naan strikes the first chord on the sound system spread throughout the packhouse and that collective scream goes up. Teenage girls high-five each other mid-bunch of asparagus, production goes up, smiles alight, voices cue in on the chorus to sing along and Kat goes into a confused stupor; her production goes down, she is neither smiling nor frowning but rather assumes a slightly glazed and (dazed) look, her bunch of asparagus lies idly and forgotten in her hand, mid-way to the conveyor belt and she is stuck in a surreal moment wondering: am I in a movie right now? seriously. this is staged. this has to be staged. nobody responds like this. what is going on in this moment.

really surreal is the only word to describe my own personal feelings at this moment of 10 minutes to closing time on those days when I happen to be in the barn at that precise moment. Really, perhaps my teammates hit a '3' on the Surreal Spectrum and I am around a '9' and as a result, I am sure that I alone appreciate the truly bizarre nature of this daily event.

We aborted Star Wars and went instead to a Lord of the Rings trilogy. I hope to stay awake until the Lothlorien scene and perhaps re-awake for the theme music of Rohan in the sequel. and the exorcism.

you should listen to the K'naan song. I feel you will understand this post better if you do. see the right-hand column.

Guatemala: 11 days!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey HEY!

well, wild, folks, not enough time in the day to do everything. i just wrote a wicked long blog entry for our ministry website. go there. it's a powerful testimony. Praise the Lord I was able to be part of what He was doing that night. The Lord is just doing so much unbelievable, unprecedented, off-the-charts, awesome, Spirit-of-God stuff that I don't even know where to start. but i wrote one testimony out. and put it on the ministry blog. Man. Worship is powerful. don't ever be fooled into thinking you're just working your vocal chords to a pretty song. Noooooo. Way more is going on there, or at least, the potential for way more to go on during worship is definitely available. BELIEVE!