Monday, May 30, 2011

What she said:

I would only add that $5 sunglasses stands at Kensington Market are the bomb, as are specialty cheese stores, specialty bread stores, Colin's new faux glasses and the general variety of people and ethnicity that make up the Toronto down-town core.

And seeing as the only sporting event this girl has ever gone to was a BC Lions game, and seeing as I am generally disgusted by the obsession that sports seem to bring on (especially a certain national game that is rather violent), I was delighted, de-lighted, with my first ball game and couldn't have been with a better group for my initiation. GO JAYS!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

It's funny when you actually nab a minute to write a post, it's hard to write about anything that is not currently occupying your mind. Try and summarize two months--impossible!

so, what is currently occupying the mind of Kat....

Well, the reason I have a second to write anything at all is because I am exporting some iMovie videos that I've put together, and that means sitting here twiddling my thumbs for a few minutes. They are five short 1-2 minute movies of some of our students from Guatemala and the transformations that they've undergone in the last number of years. Pretty impacting. I called my boss up to review the content and made him tear up during the very first one! In this case, that was a good thing. If you are from BC and reading this, and furthermore from Northview and will be at the Global Connections weekend the church is soon to host, stop by the "Global Shore" booth manned by my lovely family and check out some of these said videos which will be looping around on a laptop.

Do you know what is a fact and not fiction? The time it takes to disciple people. That is a looooooong process. It's a long process in my own life and has been a long process in some lives that I've had the opportunity to walk alongside. It doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't even happen over a year. It just plain takes a really long time.

It is all very worth it though when one does understand a truth and their life begins to change to reflect that. Sometimes I catch myself reacting in a certain way to a situation or a person, reacting in the "old way," losing patience or getting frustrated, but more often than not it feels a little out-dated even to my own skin. Like I almost have to conjure up that old reaction because it's not quite in me anymore to just default to it, the "former self" reaction and yet I'm not quite fully swinging the other direction either where there is an automatic, full embrace of this new and better response. It's like I've outgrown something, not because it's too small, or even that it was excessively immature, but because I'm just not the same anymore and I see that as a mild and subtle form of something fantastic and it's the molding of character as only Jesus can do.

and those are my random thoughts this day of May 5 at 4:51 in the afternoon.