Monday, November 01, 2010

PRELUDE: I am standing on the shoulders of the Song of Solomon as I write this. For some background reading, and more insight into the corresponding song and lyrics, read that book.

I am taking a course through the International House of Prayer’s eschool and it is called, “The Excellencies of Christ.” O my O my O my.

Before I share with you a very provoking insight, answer me these questions, based on your understanding of the events in Genesis and without looking at your Bible:

1. Did God create Adam in the garden or outside of the garden?

2. Was Eden the name of the garden itself or was it the name of the region in which the garden was planted?

I will tell you what my answers were:

1.In the garden.

2. The name of the garden.

Wrong Kat. And…wrong.

Ummm…come again?

Genesis 2.

Okay, recap first. God created everything…minus Adam & Eve. It was good. God then formed Adam out of the dust. (note that He did not speak man into being, but rather “formed” man into being. Hmmmm, interesting.)

Enter Adam. And THEN

“…the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed.” (1:8).


Too much to explain, I will rather drop a series of one-liners, and you can ask the Lord to enlighten the eyes of your heart, connect-the-dots and bring you to a place of AWE and AMAZEMENT and WONDER.

What to keep in mind:

- What exactly did it mean to “tend a garden” in a pre-fallen world?

- God created this garden especially for man. but….why?

- Man is the only created being that God breathed on with the breath of life making man a living creature.

“The garden became the place of pleasure, ENCOUNTER and delight, where hearts are refreshed and love is exchanged in the cool of the shade.”

“Man’s primary task was to tend the place of pleasure. Delight was humanity’s main occupation. He was to nurture the place of encounter, to feed the place of passion, to weed its beds, and to aid it’s seasons of beauty.”

“The foundational work of man is to nurture the place of encounter with His Maker.”

(and then sin entered. And then man was exiled from the garden. Exiled from encounter with God because of the obstacle of sin. But then….many hundreds of years later…a New Adam came to earth and his name was….


Who, through a broken body, made possible again the fellowship and encounter and walk with God again that existed in the garden.

“…do you ever wonder what spiritual disciplines do? They don’t earn us more favor with God, or climb us higher on any ladder, for it is by GRACE that we are saved and nothing of works. So what then are the benefits of spiritual disciplines? Prayer, worship, fasting…these things tend the garden of our hearts, nurturing the place of Encounter with our God.”


Post accompanied by the song: "Garden." Misty Edwards.