Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sometimes the good news of Jesus is just overwhelming. i am, at times, right now, just overcome. what good news, what good news. what good news. oh Jesus, Jesus Jesus. You are my beloved. you alone are good and true. you alone are worth following and pursuing with my life.

Monday, March 15, 2010

vacation from my blog....it's true Sarah, it's true. Here's the deal: web activity for Global Shore is on the increase. (we're on facebook. can you BELIEVE that???? And I'm the one who created the account).


check us out there. also on Youtube, because videos are on the up and up. Also, we have the radest, coolest, most current website on the whole World Wide Web. and yours truly is the web-master. (love it.) in short...my own personal blog has gotten the shaft recently. partially because i manage the GSO blog, which are many thoughts that I would just post here if i didn't want to be repetitive, and partially because of all this other web activity. and partially 'cause we only just came out of the time of short-term teams which = no regular anything. It just doesn't work to set up a post-church blogging schez like i can in the CanaDAAAAAAAAA.

but i think the blog vacation may be over now.

There are so many good Jesus things going on. I just love Jesus. It is so good to work with groups and see them come with open hearts and receive more of the Lord from a different corner of the earth. And mixing that with action. Receive in order to give, or give first and then receive. it's so good. and we have such a solid staff. and the enemy will always, always use his disunity tactic to creep in, but the Good Lord Jesus is Good. and he is Lord. and he is Jesus. which means, for a time, the enemy can try his tactics but at the end of the day: we belong to Jesus. And he takes care of his sheep. and He exposes the enemy. and we come out stronger in the end.

boo-yah???? who wouldn't want to be part of this Jesus gig. It is the only truth. as one musician sang it, "it's the inside, outside, upside-down kingdom where you lose to gain, and you die to live..."

so true so true.

Here in Guate until the end of the month and then fly home to Ontario. (it's official now, i got my Ontario driver's license and health card the other week...) whoo!