Sunday, January 24, 2010

today i was a bed-side baptist. there was no particular reason, as far as i could tell, why i woke up and knew i would be staying home for church, not from church, but for church, and so i did. i listened to my download of Pt.1 of the Holy Spirit that was preached several weeks ago at my homechurch in Abbostford. It was really excellent. A good reminder to ever, always, be asking the Father for more of his Spirit in my life. Every day. Such good news.

It is pretty quiet around here today. I have a stewing bed of coals in the fire that I've been nursing all morning, and the beast is a hot one. i did my Esther study for the day. I read a bit in "Passion for Jesus" by Bickle. I was reading in John. that was probably my favorite. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. What a guy.

I'm reading Jesus differently lately. It is because of that S of S course. I am reading Jesus through the Bridal Paradigm. Me, the bride, beloved of Jesus. And reading him like that. It is the right way to read about Jesus.

I was particularly struck last week by the story of the woman caught in adultery, read as a direct example of John 3. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whosoever should believe in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him."

There were these religious folks. They didn't care for Jesus too much, he was upsetting their traditions, offending their minds, and flying in the face of their religion, which ironically, they thought to be Truth. it was not. it was Death.

they wanted to corner Jesus. They were trying to catch him saying something blasphemous in order to justify stoning him. They were getting increasingly agitated and desperate to get some "dirt" on him. So they drag a woman that they had caught in adultery and throw her at his feet.

A woman caught in adultery. Think about that scene for a second; just imagine that scene. It involves a woman and it involves a man. One of them was being unfaithful to a spouse, somewhere, but we don't know which one. We do know that they were caught in the act of adultery. Maybe she was brought to Jesus and her clothes were half off. Maybe these religous folk stormed through a bedroom door.

Pretty embarassing. Pretty shameful. Pretty public. At least now it was. That hidden

The religious people were trying to corner Jesus. They didn't care about this woman; she was being used, maybe by a couple of people that day, and here it was by the religous leaders of the day, exploiting her in order to catch the bigger fish.

Pretty sick.

but remember, Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but to save it. And he came, "while we were yet sinners..." and he came for this woman, "while you were caught in the act of adultery..." and he offered grace.

"Then neither do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin."

Man. That is good news. we're all adulterors at heart. maybe nobody stormed through a bedroom door and caught anything on camera, but in our hearts, we've all been adulterors, forsaking our first love.

Thank God for Jesus.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today I had a ham and swiss cheese grilled sandwich with dijon. My taste-buds had visions of something a little more satisfying, but, my stomach is filled so really, there's not much to complain about. Next week...soup again.

Last night I went to a prayer meeting and met some new people. Amazing how after crying out to the Lord and weeping with total strangers, they aren't so much strangers anymore but actually part of your Jesus-extended family. It's true you know. My Jesus family has just been growing and growing and growing, it is quite something. They were really dear people with "the beauty of the Lord upon them." Amen.

Today in church, a little girl came up and stared at me while I was standing and talking to another woman. Clearly she wanted to say something, but she was of the age of little girls who haven't yet learned social etiquette and how staring is awkward, and staring without saying anything is even more awkward, especially when you clearly arrived on the scene to say something...anyways, she finally said, "Where do I know you from?" to which I replied, I have no idea, are you Mike's daughter? to which she replied, "yes I am" and I said, well, perhaps I've run into you at the shop, I do a lot of printing through your dad's work.

it was a funny little interaction. I haven't quite figured out how to interact with children of the 5-10 range, I think I've got the toddler thing down, but that's about it.

Song of Solomon continues to impact my life. Here is something to blow your mind: according to this teaching, God's end goal is not simply to have us enjoy the inheritance that we have in Jesus, and how great it is to bask in His presence and affections, but, the mature bride in Christ actually is able to be an inheritance BACK to Jesus and it functions as a symbiotic relationship.

stew on that one.

I leave for Guatemala in less than three weeks.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today I had Tomato and Mushroom Florentine soup, with a breakstick. and a large cappuccino (i splurged today, seeing as i missed my morning coffee.) it was good. i've been onto their soups lately with fantastic results. my favorite thusfar has been the Split Pea and Ham.

The "Small Things" of life as of late:

1. the little birdies that crowd the road who usually fly off when a vehicle is bearing down upon them, seem to have slowed up a bit now that winter has set in. I may have killed one the other day. They just didn't move! I think their wings were frozen tight against their bodies.

2. all of my adult toothbrush-purchasing life, I have made a point of searching out the HARD bristled toothbrushes. and always been frustrated that the SOFT were most popular, with MEDIUM as second-best, and HARD hardly to be found. Now I know why. SOFT bristles have revolutionized my mouth. i can't believe nobody ever told me.

3. yesterday I went for a walk outside in the brilliant sunshine as it shone on the freshly fallen snow. The sky was unearthly in it's blue, truly majestic, and what a contrast against the white. I took a photo with my eyes and archived it in the photoshop of my brain.

i've never seen the lake in winter, and the ice is out forty metres from the beach! I just HAD to go down. so i slid along, down a path that I was creating (half tracking some interesting prints that I found in the snow) and finally made it down to Alaska. It was brilliant. I'm sure you all would have thought so too. I trudged along, stopping here, stopping there to look at something interesting, squinting into the horizon, but no. I was all alone. Not a speck of civilization in sight (with the exception of the tips of two wind-turbines that are just visible above the cliffs.)

as i neared the path that I was to take up, something blue caught my eye. What could it be? what thing of blue had floated up on the beach in this virgin world of white? as i neared, i could hardly believe me was a yoga ball! A fully inflated, in perfect condition, yoga ball. my oh my. and here i had wanted something dry to sit upon to gaze at the arctic beauty around me. i probably looked a sight sitting there bundled up in mis-matched winter gear, silently sitting on a yoga ball on this tundra of white.

anyways, so now i have a yoga ball. i imagine i will also soon have abs of steel. it will go down in history as the most random object ever found while beach-combing.

The "Big Things" of life as of late.

1. I will not give you the whole Megillah, but the short of it is, over Christmas i enrolled in a distance-ed course. Out of Kansas. Out of IHOP to be exact. So, today I will probably go through the 4th session out of 24 on the Song of Solomon, the intimate heart of the Father. I have learned a tremendous amount already. Here is a question from my lesson this past week: what do you think is the the primary thing that the believers in your life are seeking after?

My answer was: to grow deeper in God. To learn more about His ways. But I knew as I wrote the answer that it was the wrong one. The course centers around how our highest pursuit in life needs to be this love relationship between the Trinity and the individual believer. At the center of it all...we live to love God more and attain a greater capacity to love him back.

so, i am working on re-centering on that. because i think it's true. and more importantly, i think the bible encourages the same thing.

2. January 8th, 2010 was groundbreaking day of the new facility for Colegio Cristiano Avivando el Fuego.