Monday, December 20, 2010

I promise this will not become a blog of links. but i had to steer you in THIS direction:

Beauty in the Back Row (and the other articles too)

Marcus Yoars, editor of Charisma magazine, penned a number of articles on the move of our Risen LORD in Kansas City; aka: that place that I keep taking courses on that keep changing my life!

definitely worth reading all of the posted articles. You will smile and laugh at the sheer God-ness of God.

Today I seem especially in love with Jesus. I couldn't hold back from lip-synching this song on the plane: "Beloved."

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What I was up to in November: Guatemala Service Trip

and a story from our trip: Ruined Gardens

Friday, December 03, 2010

"Beholding is Becoming."

I forgot how impactful this song was on me a couple of years ago because of that line.

I was reminded in my studies in the course "the Excellencies of Christ." They called it the "beholding/becoming principle."

Why Religion Kills: we submit again to works and not grace. We're saved by faith through the person of Christ, but somewhere along the way we take our eyes off Christ and fall into works again. We forget that the sanctification process happens in the same way that salvation happened: keeping our eyes on Christ and keeping faith.

Whatever you behold, you will become like.

Beholding Christ is becoming Christ. Behold! Behold.

"If you can see what Paul saw, you can live like Paul lived."

post accompanied by "Captivated." Vicky Beeching

Monday, November 01, 2010

PRELUDE: I am standing on the shoulders of the Song of Solomon as I write this. For some background reading, and more insight into the corresponding song and lyrics, read that book.

I am taking a course through the International House of Prayer’s eschool and it is called, “The Excellencies of Christ.” O my O my O my.

Before I share with you a very provoking insight, answer me these questions, based on your understanding of the events in Genesis and without looking at your Bible:

1. Did God create Adam in the garden or outside of the garden?

2. Was Eden the name of the garden itself or was it the name of the region in which the garden was planted?

I will tell you what my answers were:

1.In the garden.

2. The name of the garden.

Wrong Kat. And…wrong.

Ummm…come again?

Genesis 2.

Okay, recap first. God created everything…minus Adam & Eve. It was good. God then formed Adam out of the dust. (note that He did not speak man into being, but rather “formed” man into being. Hmmmm, interesting.)

Enter Adam. And THEN

“…the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed.” (1:8).


Too much to explain, I will rather drop a series of one-liners, and you can ask the Lord to enlighten the eyes of your heart, connect-the-dots and bring you to a place of AWE and AMAZEMENT and WONDER.

What to keep in mind:

- What exactly did it mean to “tend a garden” in a pre-fallen world?

- God created this garden especially for man. but….why?

- Man is the only created being that God breathed on with the breath of life making man a living creature.

“The garden became the place of pleasure, ENCOUNTER and delight, where hearts are refreshed and love is exchanged in the cool of the shade.”

“Man’s primary task was to tend the place of pleasure. Delight was humanity’s main occupation. He was to nurture the place of encounter, to feed the place of passion, to weed its beds, and to aid it’s seasons of beauty.”

“The foundational work of man is to nurture the place of encounter with His Maker.”

(and then sin entered. And then man was exiled from the garden. Exiled from encounter with God because of the obstacle of sin. But then….many hundreds of years later…a New Adam came to earth and his name was….


Who, through a broken body, made possible again the fellowship and encounter and walk with God again that existed in the garden.

“…do you ever wonder what spiritual disciplines do? They don’t earn us more favor with God, or climb us higher on any ladder, for it is by GRACE that we are saved and nothing of works. So what then are the benefits of spiritual disciplines? Prayer, worship, fasting…these things tend the garden of our hearts, nurturing the place of Encounter with our God.”


Post accompanied by the song: "Garden." Misty Edwards.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Just click on the image to enlarge it.

To read those stories alluded to in my letter, go HERE.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm starting a Toons List. Check out the side-bar. Toons you should check out because they are Impact.Full. Probably my favorite thing to gift a friend is a custom-burned disc of Jesus tunes that they've never heard. Even as I write this, I am burning two sets of 4 discs for some dear people in my life, to fill them with Inspired Music. Yes yes yes. And so, in an effort to also share with you, virtually that is, herein lies the inauguration of said Toons List. I'll also make a little mention in my posts as to why a particular song makes the List. (it's an exclusive list. only the best of the best.)

To begin with then. "Awakening." A little background.

I've started reading the Narnia series by the beloved Clive Staples Lewis here on my days of chillin' in Mission. I was lucky to score beautiful, old printed editions of them that I found at our local Hemingways. I'm on book 5, and although the series is very excellent and Clive clearly wrote them through the inspiration of the Spirit, there is one scene that has stayed with me since book 1 and it is that of the Founding of Narnia. And excerpt then:


In the darkness something was happening at last. A voice had begun to sing. It was very far away and Digory found it hard to decide from what direction it was coming. Sometimes it seemed to come from all directions at once. Sometimes he almost thought it was coming out of the earth beneath them. Its lower notes were deep enough to be the voice of the earth herself. There were no words. There was hardly even a tune. But it was, beyond comparison, the most beautiful noise he had ever heard. It was so beautiful he could hardly bear it...

'Gawd!' said the Cabby. 'Ain't it lovely?'

Then two wonders happened at the same time. One was that the voice was suddenly joined by other voices; more voices than you could possibly count. They were in harmony with it, but far higher up the scale: cold, tingling, silvery voices. The second wonder was that the overhead, all at once, was blazing with stars. They didn't come out gently one by one, as they do on a summer evening. One moment there had been nothing but darkness; next moment a thousand, thousand points of light leaped out - single stars, constellations, and planets, brighter and bigger than any in our world. There were no clouds. The new stars and the new voices began at exactly the same time. If you had seen and heard it, as Digory did, you would have felt quite certain that it was the stars themselves which were singing, and that it was the First Voice, the deep one, which had made them appear and made them sing...

...The Voice on the earth was now louder and more triumphant; but the voices in the sky, after singing loudly with it for a time, began to get fainter. And now something else was happening.

Far away, and down near the horizon, the sky began to turn grey. A light wind, very fresh, began to stir. The sky, in that one place, grew slowly and steadily paler. You could see shapes of hills standing up dark against it. All the time the Voice went on singing...

...The eastern sky changed from white to pink and from pink to gold. The Voice rose and rose, till all the air was shaking with it. And just as it swelled to the mightiest and most glorious sound it had yet produced, the sun rose.

Digory had never seen such a sun....You could imagine that it laughed for joy as it came up. And as its beams shot across the land the travellers could see for the first time what sort of place they were in. It was a valley through which a broad, swift river wound its way, flowing eastward towards the sun. Southward there were mountains, northward there were lower hills. But it was a valley of mere earth, rock and water; there was not a tree, not a bush, not a blade of grass to be seen. The earth was of many colors: they were fresh, hot, and vivid. They made you feel excited; until you saw the Singer himself, and then you forgot everything else.

It was a Lion. Huge, shaggy, and bright, it stood facing the risen sun. Its mouth was wide open in song...

...The Lion was pacing to and fro about that empty land and singing his new song. It was softer and more lilting than the song by which he had called up the stars and sun; a gentle, rippling music. And as he walked and sang the valley grew green with grass....

A teaser.

And then I heard this song for the first time: Awakening. And it is as if the two, the prose and the song, were meant to go together.

A very profound word: Awake.

awake awAkE AWAKE.

Friday, September 03, 2010

I am sitting on the front porch of my folks' place, BC, awkwardly positioned so I can keep the screen of my computer in the shadows in order to see it. Worth it though, the weather is gorgeous and I want to sit outside with a nice cup of coffee in the morning sun.

I just heard a train chug-a-chug-a by.

Last night we heard coyotes in the field.

I'm sure sometime soon I will hear the Abbey bells toll.

There's the train again.

Well, the summer is over. I can only imagine the mayhem that my ovejitas are experiencing as they scramble between end of summer, visiting family and packing up for school. It's tight.

There's the train again.

It was a truly magnificent summer. To read little blurbs from the students on their experiences, go HERE. There's simply too much to say in regards to the summer and my mind has wandered elsewhere to the plane-ride home, so I will write about the latter instead of the former and merely say, "ask me about it sometime."

So, the plane ride home. Nothing hugely profound, just a series of observations.

The man next to me on the plane, probably early sixties, kindly looking, maybe in the business sector of some kind, watched a PPV movie on the flight and then as we were starting our descent, pulled out his current read: How To Find Meaning in the Second Half of Life.

Somewhere in that flight, I got up to use the bathroom and it is always interesting to stand in the aisle, waiting, and, especially on a Westjet flight, you can see what everyone is watching on their little personalized television screens. Many, myself included, were watching an epic match between Andy Roddick and Ta**************** (long, foreign name) at the US Open (I never saw how it ended????? anybody??????), and then back in the corner was this young black guy, beer in hand, watching boxing. It was just funny. I liked him.

And I should make a comment on the US Open itself because Roddick lost it near the end. Was literally having it out with the ref over a call that had been made. I was glued to the screen as everyone was exiting the plane and only at the last possible moment, yanked my head phones out and left myself. Roddick's opponent, when trying to refocus on his game after losing a few plays, would put his hands up by his head, like making blinders to see straight with no distractions. The commentators were doing their job well, commentating, and they said our friend Ta************* is a big Nietzsche follower and lives by some of those re-focusing techniques and 'mind over body' philosophies. They said that somewhere beneath that jersey of his, Nietzsche quotes are tatooed.

and then the guy beside me with his How to Find Meaning in the Second Half of Life.

anyways. yada yada yada. i don't have any philosopher stamped on me, and no book like the above, but what I do have is someone's blood running through my veins who died on a cross a few millennium ago. And it was He who said, "I am the way, the truth and the Life."

Monday, August 16, 2010

I pretty much wake up every morning thinking on the Lord. Isn’t that wonderful? And I fall asleep every night hoping I will dream on him, but to date, I cannot remember my dreams. But I will, hallelujah, in His time. And I probably am dreaming of Him, somewhere deep in the land of REM, but like many things, just because I am not cognitive of my dreams does not mean that they do not exist. And so I choose to believe that Jesus-sleep time is going on. Because I ask that of Him, and it is a very excellent thing to ask for and cannot possibly be outside of God’s will to want more of Him. And so I dream of Him. But do not know it. But that doesn’t negate anything.

A few days ago I went to a church retreat. It was called “Fervent in the Spirit” and I learned a lot and experienced more of the Lord. I went in wanting and asking the Lord to burn things out in me; that sounds kind of violent and to be honest, I wanted something violent. When it comes to me and the Lord and my life in him, I am not interested in comfort. I am interested in being processed, being refined and knowingly praying difficult prayers like, “refine me. Discipline me Lord, where I need discipline. Break me Lord, and then put me back together, more like You.” Those kinds of risky prayers.

The fire of God is a literal manifestation down here. Three summers ago, I watched my Guatemalan brothers and sisters jump around flapping their arms, shaking something off of them and I stood there observing them as they clearly looked at something on the ground in front of them, something that I could not see. Fire on the ground. Supernatural fire that I couldn’t see, but they could, supernatural fire that was hot to their skin. But not to mine. (I would, at this point, re-direct you to read the account in 2 Kings 6: 15-17 of how the Lord opened the spiritual eyes of the servant. Hmmmm, yes, our senses are also under the sovereignty of the Lord and there is much going on that we do not pick up on in the natural.)

I wanted the Lord to burn unbelief out of me. It has been bothering me for a while now. And by a while I mean several months. It is an interesting thing, because I have seen the miracles of the Lord and experienced supernatural things and on one hand I have tremendous faith and I know the Lord is growing that in me. On the other hand, there is this unholy unbelief. I do not know if that is from within me, is a result of my culture or if it is a dart from the enemy that has taken root. Either way, I wanted it burned out.

Although I did not ignite like my brothers and sisters, something else did occur, a very strange manifestation that has happened twice before. And after yesterday, the count is up to four. It might be a “Canadian” fire as my good friend and hermana en Cristo, Julianna, received something similar. I look forward to learning more about it. I have had this discussion with a few on my team already, that the reality within my life is that I will often experience something first and then the teaching follows. I rather prefer this teaching style and it is a safe one to follow when you are learning under the safe teacher of the Holy Spirit.

Wrapping up schedule this week as we’re attending a spiritual retreat with our students Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Thanks for your prayers for that.


p.s. who wouldn’t want to face-lift their blog for the 17th time when there is a flying-bird backdrop available? And when one has a photo of a cloud forest? I like, I like.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Successful movie night: Toy Story. great movie, in Spanish to boot.

Yes Leaha, I DID buy that camera. I've been impressed with it, especially the fish-eye lens function that it has. (what????? when did cameras become like that?)

It's been a great two weeks. (already???) yes. too much sickness, it is a bit discouraging, but our bodies will adjust. and God is a healer! and he will heal me from my cough/laryngitis. Lost it mid-worship on Sunday night, kinda interesting..... anyways, something to pray about. I love to worship the Lord in song, and I haven't been able to. Better by Sunday, that's what we're praying!

The group is doing super. What a group of all-stars. I don't want to make a long list of everything we're involved with, just know that there's a lot, a lot of new ministry venues, and everything is going well and getting better.

Definitely a high-lite for me in the week is Tuesday nights. It's where I take off and go to the church for a leadership meeting. It's not really a meeting, it's more a night for leaders to refresh themselves in the Lord and be ministered to. We start off with a call to prayer and about a half hour of everyone just individually praying and worshiping the Lord. It is a wonderful time. This last week I was a bit under the weather and feeling tired, but I beat my body into submission and went to refresh my spirit. And I'm so glad I did! I am learning to hear the Lord better (hallelujah!) and I received some interesting revelation on scepters and Jesus with a scepter, and me with a scepter and it was definitely a theme throughout the night in my spirit. Yesterday, I spent some time looking up scepters in the Bible and discovered that Jesus is called a scepter in Numbers and again in a few other places, and my understanding is deepening.

praying for a good night sleep tonight....maybe I'll dream about the Lord.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I'm thinking about buying a camera tomorrow; one of those little purse ones. that way i could be a little more diligent in capturing life.

I'm thinking about getting on a plane at 6am on Saturday morning and flying away to Guatemala. and being in an atmosphere of faith. for TWO MONTHS. (hallelujah).

I'm thinking about faith and belief. and how it is folly to the world, and even to many in the church. I read a quote recently that said, "Faith is imagining something that is not as though it were."

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

I am working on having more faith. For there is much to have faith for.

I told a team member today that I cannot have one foot in the supernatural and one foot out. I want to move and operate in the supernatural. There is much to learn. I want to learn to free people in Christ, because He came to bring freedom and there are many who love the Lord and live for the Lord, but do not have freedom in the Lord. I will learn to operate in that. I am either crazy for Jesus, and look totally different from this world, and am dead to the world and the chains of it and alive in Christ, or I am not.

I watched a recent testimony by Heidi Baker and in one experience that she had with the Lord, she was filled with the fire of God, raging all through her, so intense was it that she cried out, "Lord! I am going to die! I am going to die!" and she was serious. She thought she was going to die.

And she heard the Lord say, "Good, I want you dead, so that I can raise you up in my power."

The same power that conquered the grave lives in me, lives in me.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Two bits of news I wrote for our website that you'd probably be interested in. Thanks for your prayers.

Pacaya Eruption

Posted on May 28, 2010

Many of you who monitor this site have visited us in Guatemala and have more than likely hiked the volcano, Pacaya. Yesterday it erupted. So far reports only confirm one death, but several dozen have been injured, the airport has been temporarily closed due to ash falling, and four villages have been evacuated. This event has not directly affected our ministry at all, but it is certainly sobering news for the country and will undoubtedly affect livelihoods depending on that tourist industry.

Tropical Storm Agatha

Posted on June 02, 2010

Following the eruption of Pacaya, tropical storm Agatha rolled in and hit Guatemala. This event has proved more disastrous than the eruption of the volcano, catalyzing landslides and flooding. The estimated death toll is around 150 and rising. Over 125,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Rescue efforts have been complicated as the airport was closed down for five days due to volcanic ash from the eruption, although it has now re-opened.

Our ministry, both facilities and staff members, are safe and intact. The road up to the new construction site has a deep trench in it, but is nothing that cannot be repaired. In Tizate, the river flooded quite severely and the efforts of the municipality several years ago to reinforce it by stacking caged rock along the bank has, by the looks of it, been destroyed. Several homes of students from our school are damaged, and school is out for the week to respond to this need.

The affects on agriculture will be felt and seen in the months to come, with whole crops being destroyed which will result in food shortage. Having come out of a serious drought last summer, the federal government was ill-prepared for the tandem disasters and are now struggling with food supplies.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello All,

Three times a year, I will be writing little notes about myself and the ministry and posting them here for you to read. It is, unofficially, my "missionary update." As I am here and there, Canada, Guatemala, it is hard to do any type of regular mail out, so I'm simply making use of the tools of the world wide web: Blog, Facebook and Email. If you would like to officially be on the list of people who receive these updates, let me know, and I'll add your name. In the meantime, you can read the following. Click on the picture to enlarge for legibility. Blessings, Kat.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Today is a reflective day.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop downtown Waterloo, while one of our students is at a memorial for his step-dad. I brought him in, and am making good use of the six hours I have before we are traveling back home tonight.

pain pain pain. Why do we live with it? If you don't know Christ, that's one thing, but Christ came to bring us liberty and those of us who profess Christ as our Lord...well, that was meant to be, and remain, a liberated life. Granted, we learn through suffering, this is true, but I'm talking about the pain that we bring upon ourselves because of our decisions, or because of the deceitfulness of the enemy and the traps we get caught in. or because of the lies we believe.

So I have a student burying his step-dad today. and I had four DEAR friends come for a visit this weekend and there is pain and confusion in them. And I'm requiring that the students write me reflections this year, every two weeks, and I've received the first batch and....pain pain pain.

we have GOT to start believing the Word of God and allowing the gospel to permeate, penetrate, punctuate, pollinate our lives.


cierto, o no es cierto?

do yourself a favor, and memorize a verse this week about WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST. and speak it out. and BELIEVE IT.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

so, we're having a good time in Guatemala...

yesterday was an exceptional day. I had a LOT of fun. A LOT. and this is why: i went down THAT hole and then made THIS video. My life's obra.

GSO link for article and video:

Youtube like for just the video:

obviously, the first link is the better option. Tell all your friends.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


-leaving for Detroit in one hour

-flying to Guatemala tomorrow with 6 men who are coming to put in our septic system for the new school facility

-this they are hoping to do in 12 days...!

-PLEASE PRAY FOR: safety. health & well-being for our equipment to FUNCTION. Canadian-style efficiency in Guatemala. for the LORD'S will to be accomplished, spiritually, in the lives of these men. For is not merely a work trip. it is a...Jesus-knew-about-this-one -a-long-time-ago kind of trip. and has something up his sleeve. for these six. and ME!


Summer Student Team 2010 arriving in....3 weeks. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

I am back in Canada; until the 12th. And then I'll be going back to Guatemala for 12 days with some men coming to put in the septic system for the new school. Living in a time of Blessing. And somehow I've managed to keep up on my Song of Solomon course. Below is an excerpt from a Journal Entry that I submitted this morning for this Unit's meditation topic which was Luke 14 & 15; it impacted me and I thought I'd share.

Happy Jesus-died-for-you-and-now-the-Cross-is-EMPTY weekend.


The Parable of the Lost Sheep; the Lost Coin; the Prodigal Son
(15: 1- 32)

I find the juxtaposition of these three parables interesting. In the first two parables, there is an active searching of the “Father” figure in finding that which was lost. The shepherd goes out searching, the woman lights a lamp, picks up a broom and searches, searches, and recovers that which was lost: a sinner repents. In the story of the Prodigal Son, the Father does not search. He waits. He hopes. This is perhaps an example of the “right hand, left hand” represented in Song of Solomon. (His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me! ~ 1: 6) I really took to that analogy and find it to be true: the left hand of God speaks of the activity of God that we cannot see. Protection. The drawing of our spirits to His. His release of blessings, blessings that we might not attribute to His work. The right hand of God speaks of the visible or discernible activity of God. A healing right in front of my eyes. A prophetic dream. The feel of his presence in worship. Brought to tears at His goodness.

The sheep, the lost coin, the right hand of God was discernible in the act of recovering both. But in the Prodigal Son…that is the left hand of God. Indiscernible, but still as powerful. Drawing, drawing the Son back. Not an active searching, but a potent call to the spirit. Waiting. Hoping. Faith-filled. Patient. Placing the thought in his head to return. And he acts. He returns. He returns in the “darkness of His heart” and the Father exalts the humble, and sees him as Lovely.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sometimes the good news of Jesus is just overwhelming. i am, at times, right now, just overcome. what good news, what good news. what good news. oh Jesus, Jesus Jesus. You are my beloved. you alone are good and true. you alone are worth following and pursuing with my life.

Monday, March 15, 2010

vacation from my's true Sarah, it's true. Here's the deal: web activity for Global Shore is on the increase. (we're on facebook. can you BELIEVE that???? And I'm the one who created the account).


check us out there. also on Youtube, because videos are on the up and up. Also, we have the radest, coolest, most current website on the whole World Wide Web. and yours truly is the web-master. (love it.) in own personal blog has gotten the shaft recently. partially because i manage the GSO blog, which are many thoughts that I would just post here if i didn't want to be repetitive, and partially because of all this other web activity. and partially 'cause we only just came out of the time of short-term teams which = no regular anything. It just doesn't work to set up a post-church blogging schez like i can in the CanaDAAAAAAAAA.

but i think the blog vacation may be over now.

There are so many good Jesus things going on. I just love Jesus. It is so good to work with groups and see them come with open hearts and receive more of the Lord from a different corner of the earth. And mixing that with action. Receive in order to give, or give first and then receive. it's so good. and we have such a solid staff. and the enemy will always, always use his disunity tactic to creep in, but the Good Lord Jesus is Good. and he is Lord. and he is Jesus. which means, for a time, the enemy can try his tactics but at the end of the day: we belong to Jesus. And he takes care of his sheep. and He exposes the enemy. and we come out stronger in the end.

boo-yah???? who wouldn't want to be part of this Jesus gig. It is the only truth. as one musician sang it, "it's the inside, outside, upside-down kingdom where you lose to gain, and you die to live..."

so true so true.

Here in Guate until the end of the month and then fly home to Ontario. (it's official now, i got my Ontario driver's license and health card the other week...) whoo!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

La Gloria de la Iglesia,

Just got home from four days in Guatemala City, taking in a church convention with the El Calvario Ministerios, a ministry that the church that we attend is part of. It was a pretty powerful time. There were close to 2,000 people there on Saturday, and us Canadians had the privilege of sitting second-row-from-the-front because we were all the way from CANADA.

alright, I'll take it.

I enjoyed sitting behind all the different pastors, apostles and their wives. There's a different thing going on down here when it comes to marriages. When someone is a pastor, or apostle, or in the ministry, they are in it together with their wife. or the other way around. In spanish, there is the Pastor, and then there is the Pastora, the wife of the pastor but, you will notice, she is also entitled "Pastor." That's because they do it together.

I was really struck by the relationships of the ministers in front of us. I heard a sermon several months ago in Canada that dug into the abysmal statistics of the North American Church. If I remember the stat correctly, 60% of Americans claimed some type of Christianity, but of that 60%, 57% of them lived no differently, either morally or anything else, than the 40% who did not give lip-service to Christianity.

However...the remaining 3% were so radically different than the "Lord Lord's" and the rest of society that it was of noticeable difference: the real Goods of the Gospel. The fruit of the Spirit. The Real Deal.

That's how I felt that all of those ministers were. Of the 3%.

I'm in the 3% too.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I spent the morning reviewing my S of S notes, as the group is up the volcano. A little "down time" for the host, spent basking in the glory of this glorious book! I was prepping for my quiz, which was closed book, and i thought it would consist of deep, intensive short-answer questions, but in the end it was multiple choice and only took me 17 minutes to complete for a whopping 100%! woot-woot! i must be abiding in this good word.

it's been a great week. Will miss the Niagra team terribly. Will miss the engineers terribly. perfect strangers made family, and yet still somewhat perfect strangers and yet...not. Brothers and sisters in the Lord. yes, i will miss them all.

but the Lord deemed it well for our paths to cross and for that I am thankful, even if for just a very short time.

the construction is coming along super well, the walls are coming up, the property is taking shape. The staff is excited. the teams are excited. it is just exciting.

can't wait for church tonight. El SeƱor esta moviendo.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

i'm in detroit. soon to be in guatemala.

what is there to say...I'VE BEEN WAITING MONTHS TO GO AND NOW I'M ALMOST THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blessings blessings blessings.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

today i was a bed-side baptist. there was no particular reason, as far as i could tell, why i woke up and knew i would be staying home for church, not from church, but for church, and so i did. i listened to my download of Pt.1 of the Holy Spirit that was preached several weeks ago at my homechurch in Abbostford. It was really excellent. A good reminder to ever, always, be asking the Father for more of his Spirit in my life. Every day. Such good news.

It is pretty quiet around here today. I have a stewing bed of coals in the fire that I've been nursing all morning, and the beast is a hot one. i did my Esther study for the day. I read a bit in "Passion for Jesus" by Bickle. I was reading in John. that was probably my favorite. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. What a guy.

I'm reading Jesus differently lately. It is because of that S of S course. I am reading Jesus through the Bridal Paradigm. Me, the bride, beloved of Jesus. And reading him like that. It is the right way to read about Jesus.

I was particularly struck last week by the story of the woman caught in adultery, read as a direct example of John 3. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whosoever should believe in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him."

There were these religious folks. They didn't care for Jesus too much, he was upsetting their traditions, offending their minds, and flying in the face of their religion, which ironically, they thought to be Truth. it was not. it was Death.

they wanted to corner Jesus. They were trying to catch him saying something blasphemous in order to justify stoning him. They were getting increasingly agitated and desperate to get some "dirt" on him. So they drag a woman that they had caught in adultery and throw her at his feet.

A woman caught in adultery. Think about that scene for a second; just imagine that scene. It involves a woman and it involves a man. One of them was being unfaithful to a spouse, somewhere, but we don't know which one. We do know that they were caught in the act of adultery. Maybe she was brought to Jesus and her clothes were half off. Maybe these religous folk stormed through a bedroom door.

Pretty embarassing. Pretty shameful. Pretty public. At least now it was. That hidden

The religious people were trying to corner Jesus. They didn't care about this woman; she was being used, maybe by a couple of people that day, and here it was by the religous leaders of the day, exploiting her in order to catch the bigger fish.

Pretty sick.

but remember, Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but to save it. And he came, "while we were yet sinners..." and he came for this woman, "while you were caught in the act of adultery..." and he offered grace.

"Then neither do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin."

Man. That is good news. we're all adulterors at heart. maybe nobody stormed through a bedroom door and caught anything on camera, but in our hearts, we've all been adulterors, forsaking our first love.

Thank God for Jesus.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today I had a ham and swiss cheese grilled sandwich with dijon. My taste-buds had visions of something a little more satisfying, but, my stomach is filled so really, there's not much to complain about. Next week...soup again.

Last night I went to a prayer meeting and met some new people. Amazing how after crying out to the Lord and weeping with total strangers, they aren't so much strangers anymore but actually part of your Jesus-extended family. It's true you know. My Jesus family has just been growing and growing and growing, it is quite something. They were really dear people with "the beauty of the Lord upon them." Amen.

Today in church, a little girl came up and stared at me while I was standing and talking to another woman. Clearly she wanted to say something, but she was of the age of little girls who haven't yet learned social etiquette and how staring is awkward, and staring without saying anything is even more awkward, especially when you clearly arrived on the scene to say something...anyways, she finally said, "Where do I know you from?" to which I replied, I have no idea, are you Mike's daughter? to which she replied, "yes I am" and I said, well, perhaps I've run into you at the shop, I do a lot of printing through your dad's work.

it was a funny little interaction. I haven't quite figured out how to interact with children of the 5-10 range, I think I've got the toddler thing down, but that's about it.

Song of Solomon continues to impact my life. Here is something to blow your mind: according to this teaching, God's end goal is not simply to have us enjoy the inheritance that we have in Jesus, and how great it is to bask in His presence and affections, but, the mature bride in Christ actually is able to be an inheritance BACK to Jesus and it functions as a symbiotic relationship.

stew on that one.

I leave for Guatemala in less than three weeks.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today I had Tomato and Mushroom Florentine soup, with a breakstick. and a large cappuccino (i splurged today, seeing as i missed my morning coffee.) it was good. i've been onto their soups lately with fantastic results. my favorite thusfar has been the Split Pea and Ham.

The "Small Things" of life as of late:

1. the little birdies that crowd the road who usually fly off when a vehicle is bearing down upon them, seem to have slowed up a bit now that winter has set in. I may have killed one the other day. They just didn't move! I think their wings were frozen tight against their bodies.

2. all of my adult toothbrush-purchasing life, I have made a point of searching out the HARD bristled toothbrushes. and always been frustrated that the SOFT were most popular, with MEDIUM as second-best, and HARD hardly to be found. Now I know why. SOFT bristles have revolutionized my mouth. i can't believe nobody ever told me.

3. yesterday I went for a walk outside in the brilliant sunshine as it shone on the freshly fallen snow. The sky was unearthly in it's blue, truly majestic, and what a contrast against the white. I took a photo with my eyes and archived it in the photoshop of my brain.

i've never seen the lake in winter, and the ice is out forty metres from the beach! I just HAD to go down. so i slid along, down a path that I was creating (half tracking some interesting prints that I found in the snow) and finally made it down to Alaska. It was brilliant. I'm sure you all would have thought so too. I trudged along, stopping here, stopping there to look at something interesting, squinting into the horizon, but no. I was all alone. Not a speck of civilization in sight (with the exception of the tips of two wind-turbines that are just visible above the cliffs.)

as i neared the path that I was to take up, something blue caught my eye. What could it be? what thing of blue had floated up on the beach in this virgin world of white? as i neared, i could hardly believe me was a yoga ball! A fully inflated, in perfect condition, yoga ball. my oh my. and here i had wanted something dry to sit upon to gaze at the arctic beauty around me. i probably looked a sight sitting there bundled up in mis-matched winter gear, silently sitting on a yoga ball on this tundra of white.

anyways, so now i have a yoga ball. i imagine i will also soon have abs of steel. it will go down in history as the most random object ever found while beach-combing.

The "Big Things" of life as of late.

1. I will not give you the whole Megillah, but the short of it is, over Christmas i enrolled in a distance-ed course. Out of Kansas. Out of IHOP to be exact. So, today I will probably go through the 4th session out of 24 on the Song of Solomon, the intimate heart of the Father. I have learned a tremendous amount already. Here is a question from my lesson this past week: what do you think is the the primary thing that the believers in your life are seeking after?

My answer was: to grow deeper in God. To learn more about His ways. But I knew as I wrote the answer that it was the wrong one. The course centers around how our highest pursuit in life needs to be this love relationship between the Trinity and the individual believer. At the center of it all...we live to love God more and attain a greater capacity to love him back.

so, i am working on re-centering on that. because i think it's true. and more importantly, i think the bible encourages the same thing.

2. January 8th, 2010 was groundbreaking day of the new facility for Colegio Cristiano Avivando el Fuego.