Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a series of current facts:

1. this is the 100th blog post on this site. It's true. I feel like throwing a party. Some of you weren't reading in the early days when I had clever titles like...(i can't remember the first one), but then there was....Return of the Erie Spaniard (I always thought that was particularly clever), then there was The Third Floor, then there was a. gain. then...My Life be Like...and now this one. Here is my birthday-of-1oo posts request: write me a congratulatory note. please????? It'd be fun.

2. Robert has converted me to eating horseradish with everything. It is tasty. I never knew.

3. Robert has also converted me to snacking on whole-wheat soda crackers (they have to be w.w) with a little corner of butter on the edge. You wouldn't believe the difference that little bit of saltiness makes.

4. i have failed miserably in my newest tradition. it's not my fault though...duty called. this is where i was this past weekend: port rowan, kitchener, guelph, kitchener, waterloo, guelph, cambridge, tillsonburg, home. the best of which was...Guelph. that city rocks (see point 5). It was a great weekend, but it did, unfortuately, cause me to bail on my newly founded tradition of downloads, lunch and coffee culture.

5. Robert Munsch lives there.

6. Today I wrote Robert Munsch a 3-page, single-spaced, typed, letter. Don't ask me why. I just did. If I hear back, you'll be sure to know.

7. George Müller is an inspiring guy.

8. I drive, somewhat terrified, home on the dark country roads on some nights. I prayed for safety when I drove around on my scooter, yes i did, but this is an entirely different kind of prayer, it's more a prayer/monologue, lunacy thing going on. Last night it sounded like this, "Lord, I am awake. yes I am awake. Keep me very very alert. yes. 10 and 2. I'm not going to swerve. I am not going to swerve. I am not going to swerve. I am not going to shriek..." all of this induced by a bunny that I almost killed the other night, and then a possum that I almost killed the other night and then a deer that almost killed me the other a totally different meaning to "night terrors"...

9. I have taken to lighting a candle on my desk each day, it sits there, flickering, wholly and completely symbolic of the flame of the Holy Spirit in my life.

10. I have also taken to bringing my coffee to work in a Timmy Ho's thermos, though not to be mistaken to be holding Timmy Ho's coffee.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I've started a new tradition. It only started today. It is actually still going on and I guess I will have to wait and see if it really, truly is an activity that will have the tenacity that "tradition" requires.

It begins with church in Tillsonburg. I attended a church this morning that I enjoyed. The Word was preached and the Spirit was welcomed. I will return next week I think. After church I drive the block or two to the local Coffee Culture. They have free internet. It is primarily because of this that I come here. And the fact that it's the only decent place to have a coffee around here (that I have yet discovered. I would be pleased to find a hole-in-the-wall, local establishment with a good brew, but since I know of none, this will suffice.)

I have purchased lunch because some friends of mine who own a Coffee Culture in Chatham recently lamented to me of the customers who come and abuse the internet and buy nothing other than a small coffee and then proceed to sit for hours and hours, taking up a table and using the internet.

I don't want to be one of "those" customers.

And so today I tried the Chicken and Roasted Veggies European Sandwich. It was pretty good. There was eggplant in it I think. Maybe I will get a coffee yet. Coffee-to-go for the 20-minute drive home. So they'll make some money off of me.

My use of the internet here is primarily to download. I can't download anything at the office or at the house as it slows our rural internet connection down. But downloading I must do as I want to keep up with the sermons back home. Right now I am downloading the second sermon from the Series of James that the church did back in the summer when I was, you guessed it, abroad. And I will download the one from last Sunday too. So I will live life exactly one week behind my church back home. But in all other things, I am exactly 3 hours ahead of them in life at all times. How 'bout that.

I have also decided to add to my tradition the updating of my blog. So here it is. You can expect to hear of the new lunch item that I have tried, what sermon I am downloading and maybe a thing or two from my week.

On another note, I will take the opportunity to shamelessly promote two other blogs that you should check out...the first is on our newly-launched website here at Global Shore: Check it out...there's already one post there, by yours truly.

The second is my church blog back होम। ... होम। होम। ...वह??? फॉर सम that is interesting. for some reason things decided to go into Hindi for a second there. As I was saying.... the second is my church blog back home. All of the pastors contribute to this blog and I may or may not read from all of them, but I do usually follow what Jeff writes as he is both a good writer and a guy out to stir the pot for the faith. interesting really the range of topics that enter that guy's brain, the range so far extends from food to a blast at young adults to be committed and the most recent being entitled, "The Internet is Eating my Brain." Although to that latest one I would say that I am most assuredly not the one and only person who stands out from the masses and can follow, and thoroughly enjoy, Clive Staples and his Mere Christianity. I know many who can and have. But, then again, maybe my poll is being taken from the post-secondary crowd and the theologians and isn't a proper cross-section of our culture.

My feet are cold and my third sermon download is almost done, so I will be off for my cappuccino and drive home.