Friday, August 14, 2009

Good morning World,

Life is wrapping up here in the Guat but there is so much yet to happen. This Sunday, the majority of our team will be attending an "Encuentro" here at the school that is run through the church. It is called "breaking chains." And boy will there be some chains broken! It is basically an intense day, a full, intense day of teaching and "ministraciĆ³n" with lots of freedom for the Spirit to work and liberate some lives. Please send up a prayer for that! for openness of hearts.

ALSO, next week we are going on a "campamento" with our student body here at the colegio. Our whole team, as well as our teachers are going with the school for an overnight spiritual is an "encuentro" of sorts as well, but geared towards kids. We will be going as ministers. I feel that this time will be extremely potent and full of the glory of God. Wow, what the Lord can and will do through these children, what a blessing to be part of that. We are taking Tuesday to fast and pray and prepare our hearts to be ministers to these children. If you feel at all led to join us in that and pray for our preparation as well....I welcome you!

Last Sunday I preached in church. what???!?!?!? CRAZY. Our apostle, Jacobo, invited me to preach and I sorta laughed it off at first thinking he was joking, but, Jacobo doesn't really joke about stuff like that. So i had to say yes. Who wants to say no to their spiritual authority. Not I. So I preached. It was an inauguration of sorts in my life, I think. Spiritually speaking.

This morning I was reading a bit through Joshua....SUPER book. Check it out. And when I preached the other day, i touched on Moses' time up the mountain. And both these men had something in common...they were courageous in and for the Lord. Picture this: a mountain, smoking from the top, dark clouds surrounding it, thunder and lightning. It'd be like one of these volcanoes down here about to blow. And God was there. And the people trembled at the base of the mountain. But Moses? He high-tailed it to the top to meet with God.

Joshua. Is walking along with tens of thousands at his back and there he sees a man with a sword raised. A man standing there with a sword raised high. I myself would not be prone to walk up to a man with a weapon posed to strike and ask, "hey...are you for us or against us?" But...Joshua did. And he met the Commander of the Lord's Army.


May that I be courageous for my Lord to the point that I walk into his frightening maybe even terrifying presence and come away with face aglow.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My Bible was MIA for 24 hours and it was terrible.

but i found it. Gracias a Dios.

In my mind, I've updated three more times that what has actually come to pass.

Recent recurring thoughts:

1. It is both ugly and beautiful to both be in process myself and to walk alongside those in process. It is both a privilege and a trial. Is it not a privilege that God has entrusted to me those that he is refining? But that refining process, as with gold, brings the impurities to the SURFACE. And I live on that surface. My ministry is on that surface. And so it is a great privilege. And a trial. But my prayer, as of last night, is for the Lord to discipline me. In a harsh sort of way. None of this "slow and steady" business, no, let's get out the rod and do some beating and some repenting and some character-forming and re-shaping. Yes? Dangerous prayer? Yeah. Let's pray that I recognize the discipline as discipline and respond accordingly. So that is to say....I am in heavy processing as well. God help all of us as we be this body of Christ together. For His glory.

Mary has the craziest laugh, and she is laughing right now as I type this. Oh Munya, hija preciosa del SeƱor todo poderoso.

2. God is gracious to me. In two ways specifically: He has, without fail, provided my spiritual curriculum for over a year now. He's me covered. I was in a used/traveler's book corner the other day in Antigua with my Spanish teacher. a little corner at the back of this traditional store with books in several languages spanning several genres and there, on the shelf, i happened upon this book entitled...ok, i can't remember the title, and I've gone and lent it out already, but it is a witness account of how the Holy Spirit poured out on an orphanage in China some ten years ago and the countless visions that the children received. H.A.Baker was the missionary and author of this little book. There is a reason why the content of this book is relevant to me: it has to do with the fact that we are involved in Christian education. with children. and will soon be going on a spiritual retreat with them. I am anticipating an extremely powerful retreat with these children. We are instructed to be like children you know. and the lovely thing about children is that they are...already...children. bam.

also. God is gracious to expose the tactics of the enemy when he is trying to take my team out in their health and in our unity. La sangre de Cristo tiene poder.