Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I had the most lovely Sunday just two sleeps ago.

I had a rude awakening at quarter to seven in the peak of Cinderella's castle the other day in Jocotenango; i had spent the night at Juls' place and was looking forward to a leisurely morning of awakening to no sound in particular, brewing the early morning brew and savoring a fresh volcanic peak before church. my phone, however, rang. twice. and then a third time. i finally got in on the third ring and it was one of the host families in Tizate calling. a student was sick. would i please come.

but of course.

so off i went to no particularly terrifying ailment, just an explosive digestive system that had blown the breaker a good many times throughout the night. and then i had some time to kill and my keys were off in the paws of another student and i thought, now what should i be doing at this particular moment in time, 7:30 on a Sunday morning. and i was standing in the middle of this wee little town here, and i looked ahead to where my abode lay, and i looked back over my shoulder to the house up the 55 steps that i lived in during my first summer some three years ago now, and i wondered. hmmmm. Ana-Julia, breakfast at Tiffany's, Ana-Julia's, breakfast at Tiffany's.... and i started toward the 55 steps.

and it was lovely and i had a wonderful visit with this wonderful woman who is still described by many as one who possesses an enormous heart which may, in fact, be the biggest heart in all of Guatemala.

and i found later in the day as I sat by a road-side stand with some friends from last summer, Helena and Miguel, that i was on my second unexpected-yet-lovely visit of the day.

and then, at 8:30, when I went to put in an order for some sweet cushions for my table en aire libre, that I found myself with Marco & Clara for ninety minutes of wonderful and divinely appointed discussion.

I am in a training mode. Thus the Lord has Spoken.

and it was a great day seeing many of my very favorite people of this wee little town that has not a sign and is often a mere spattering of cinder blocks to the traffic blazing by that is set on the side of a road and across a little yellow bridge in the broccoli of hills called Guatemala.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Begotten & Created. Who knew there was a difference. Clive did. i am begotten, a begotten daughter and so are you (or son) if you know the living Jesus. check out pagina 134-136 in mere.Christ.ianity when you have a momento.

Estamos aqui en Guatemala.

for almost a week now.

it is good to be in my third home again.

i'm trying to think up some little ditty that I can put a bible verse to for the VBS we're running this morning.

we just came back from Tactic last night. we spent some time with our friends/fellow missionaries/fellow Christian education compadres. Super valuable time to say the least.

today i'm taking the group on a tour of Antigua. Hopefully i can find a minute or two to brush up on my facts: Pedro de Alavardo. Bad guy. 1776. one of many massive and destructive earthquakes that destroyed Antigua. Santiago. The former name of the city, after the patron saint of Spain, St. James.

Santiago...James...Santiago...James. I never could figure that one out.

please pray for health for our team and also for next week as we jump full swing into our schedule down here...

i think i found a ditty.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

looks like two blog posts is possible this week. yes.

we leave for Guat in four sleeps. yes.

i will be living independently this year. yes. this i am looking forward to. a room, bathroom, utilities room, kitchen and open porch table for my use. i will be my own cook. i've already determined my menu for the summer: fruit meusli for breakfast, veggie wrap for lunch and grilled bean wrap for dinner. every day. with maybe an egg-on-bread thrown in there.

i can't wait!

I will tell you what I did on Tuesday by a series of clues:

dot. T.

11 caves.

discovery: a location somewhere between an above-average altitude city and a below-average altitude sea.

fragments meticulously placed together. over decades.

lack of sun, lack of moisture. preserved for toothousand years.

not written in English.

nearest settlement now in ruins: a pottery? a scriptoral library? a sect of Essenes?