Monday, April 27, 2009

It is good to be back in Ontario. Life in Places Rural runs in my blood. Green grass, clean air, silky sand, early bird songs, two-toned aqua blues are a buffet for my senses. I was never meant for a third floor.

It is good to be with the church of my heart. A small small small body of nobody's pursuing Jesus together because He's changed our lives, all at the same time, remarkably, and breathed his Spirit upon these dry bones. Let there be Light! And it was good.

Our team minus one has arrived. It is a good group. The Lord has some fairly large things on his divine agenda for this summer.

Because I just talked about this with someone, here is some Bible advice for you if this description characterizes your life: if you are wondering what your purpose is, or what the purpose of life is, what you should do, where you should go, what you are good at, what things of impact you can possibly offer this world, if you are desperate. if you are confused. pick up your bible and read it. Just do it. There is an enemy who would throw any number of distractions your way to prevent you from seeking the One who can answer those questions/disappointments/longings/dreams. Seek the Lord. Love Him First above all else.

And then....

your life will most assuredly change. Most. Assuredly. Change.

Start in the New T. and look for some promises. they're everywhere. And know that God is the same today as He ever was as He ever will be.

post script. you should check out this on a regular basis for photos of life this summer because Leah is exponentially more talented at photography than I ever will be and she is far more committed to it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

He is Jesus.

The One and Only.

Transcendent over all else.

To know Him is to love Him.

To love Him is to long for Him.

To long for Him is to finally reach

soul hands into the One true thing

we need never get enough of.


Take all you want.

Take all you need.

Till soul is fed.

and spirit freed.

Till dust is dust.

And Face you see.

Jesus Christ.

He's all you need.

(I bought a new book today. It's going to be good)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

One of my very favorite sites online is Strong's Concordance. You've heard me go off on the Greek stuff's from here. Brilliant. A must-use for every Bible-reader. very interesting what you will find. Learn to use it, I IMPLORE you. That is...if you are reading your bible. If you are not, learn to read your Bible first and only then supplement it with some good ol' Greek/Hebrew.

So, on this site I was just perusing it looking, if you are interested, in what the Hebrew word for Strong's number 5162 is. I am reading in Genesis and it perplexes me as to why God would ever find himself in a place where he was "sorry that he had made man on the earth" (Story of the flood.) The Hebrew word for "sorry" (5162) was interesting but not conclusive in answering this thought. If anyone has any thoughts, please, do share.

I came across a different section on this website that posed a particular question that had bothered me quite a bit in high school. The question is, admittedly, an immature question in the faith but, regardless, is one that I had and one that I never really found a satisfying answer to. Anyways, I found this to be...good. I liked it. Here ya go.

Isn't God prideful to demand that we worship him?


Often, in my youth, I thought smugly to myself, "Sure, God's big and perfect and everything, but isn't it rather arrogant of Him to send us to hell for not worshipping Him?" It was an honest question. Ignorant to be sure, but honest just the same. So then why is it okay for God to require we revere Him? It may be best to look at the reasons behind why the same would be wrong of us.

The sin of pride is only a sin because it involves raising the perception of our value above that which it truly is. For man, this is a fairly common event; we are constantly elevating ourselves in our own estimation. We, being corrupt and petty, have an almost insatiable appetite for valuing ourselves more highly than we ought. And this is impossible for God to do.

God, being the non-metaphorical model of perfection cannot be better than He is. In fact, nothing can—for one cannot improve upon perfection. Since God is perfect, there is neither anything wrong with His acknowledging such nor any reason He should not require our worship.

God is infinitely worthy of our honor and glory; He deserves our praise. For Him to allow that anything else can be praised in His place would demonstrate Him to be less than perfect. It would be as if He were to say, "Yes, I truly am the only thing in all existence that is worthy of exaltation; but 'No,' I do not mind that you exalt a reddish-brown brick over Me." Now that would just be silly, wouldn't it?

For these reasons, we do not call God arrogant or prideful when He demands worship.

Strong's website for your bookmarking is:

Tuesday, April 07, 2009



Well, this last Guat trip was phenomaenal. You know, I don’t even think I’ve written a concise run-down of what the Billy is going on in my life. Okay, brief synopsis:

I am now employed full-time with GSO. Global Shore. Opportunities. The LORD is doing a TREMENDOUS WORK, some of which you have already read about. Well, it is true and I just can’t say it enough. GSO is a non-profit missions organization working in Guat-e-mala. That’s probably not news to you either. I’ve been involved with them for the past three summers and seeing now that my degree is terminado (boo-yah), which was completed in December, I started full-time on March 1.

What do I do? Buena pregunta. Well, it’s a bit of everything really, but the primary thrust at the moment is fundraising. Because well, the world ain’t free and neither is operating a school. Yow! So that’s what I’m doing and that looks like a lot of different things…speaking engagements, presentations, developing short-term groups to come down to Guatemala, finding sponsors for our students….praying the funds in, we are praying the funds in. I look at it like this: This is the Lord’s work. He’s got our backs and it’s a simple (not so simple), yet ultimately simple task of accessing the Lord’s storehouses here on earth. Yes? Because all that we have is not really our own to begin with. So it’s a matter of putting the need out, finding people who want to participate in this particular work of the Lord and give from their particular stash of the Lord’s wealth that has been entrusted to them.

Anybody? Anybody?

Do you even know what I mean when I say “school?” Ah man. This is why I need to update more. Alright, so, we have a school running down here, grades K-3 at the moment. Every year we will add a grade to follow the progress of the oldest students. Our school is called Colegio Cristiano Avivando El Fuego and the vision is simple: raise these children up in the Lord. Jesus is the best thing that we could give them and so that is who we are introducing them too. If you could be in our morning devotional, your heart would be touched, guaranteed. So that is what I’m raising funds for. Students to know Jesus.

Anybody? Anybody?

Talk to me. I dare you.

Love kat photos:
1. Cristopher Luis. a.k.a: Calvin & Hobbes hybrid.
2. "missionary" shot.
3. The Ball Room. great fieldtrip.
4. Just cuz???? it's Guatemala.