Monday, March 16, 2009

Stones of Remembrance

Friends abroad,

The Lord and I put on a smashing event last night. I cried most of the way through it. It was about Jesus and Guatemala and Miracles and Faith and Stories to remember His Faithfulness.

In short.

SO, here is an email that I zapped off to our leadership team this morning. Just for you Tom, I posted this just for you (and others who were not able to make it due to distance/schedules, etc.)


So there I was. With Leah Tan in tow (she came out from Vancouver for the event last night) and my friend Annalisa. We were heading to the church early to set up. I needed to find some stones to set up as a visual example, because the title of the event, Stones of Remembrance, is taken out of Joshua 4 where the take stones from the river, set them up so that they will remember what the Lord had just done in their midst, remember how it was just like when he parted the Red Sea, and how in remembering these things they would know "the might of the Lord.' So i needed to find some stones.

So we're cruising along Gladwin road en route to the church and we see a parking lot and we're like, "hey, there might be stones there!" but there were not. but now we are on a side road and so we cruise along there, back behind a school, a road that none of us knew. and we pass this v.v.v.large house set on several acres of property and they had thousands of stones as part of the landscaping. there were some even up in the ditch at the front. there were cars in the drive and a man trimming some bushes. Annalisa said, "let's go ask him for some stones!" we hemmed and hawed at how weird that was but, in the end, drove up the drive and out I jumped with this "very weird request sir, but I'm throwing this event tonight and I need a visual example for what I'm speaking on..." He said, "Where's the event?" "At N.view Community Church." "What's it about?" "Oh, well, I'm going to be sharing about Guatemala and what the Lord's been doing." "Cool. yeah, take some stones. God bless."

SWEET. That man loves Jesus, I thought. So, we took 12 nice sized stones, like softball size, and off we zoomed to the church. fastforward to 7pm. There is this man sitting amongst my 40 chairs set with two other, younger, people. I say, "are you the stone man?" He said, "yeah, I went inside and looked at my calendar and I didn't have anything up tonight, so I brought these two along and we'd love to hear about going on in Guatemala." YEAH YOU DO!!! WHAT????????????


Back up 24 hours. I am transitioning out of the Cyrus Centre, this youth shelter I've worked out, so I helped them out and covered two overnight shifts this weekend. On Saturday night, one of the two residents, Lisa, and I had a SWEET hour long conversation about Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, I shared some stories from my experiences, she started reflecting on her own life and how maybe God has been trying to get her attention, she tells me about her relationship with her boyfriend and some of the unbelievably sweet things he says to her and I tell her, "Lisa, that's what God says about you too" and I'm going to cry as I write this... Anyway, i ended up giving her some "homework" to read some bible passages when she went to bed and I had really felt like I wanted to invite her and her boyfriend Joel to the event. So I did. And she wanted to come. Because the LORD HAS A PLAN FOR HER LIFE. (seriously, she's going to get rocked.)

next morning, I was gone when she woke up but apparently she sprung out of bed and said to the workers there, "Katrina said that God loves me and she thinks He's speaking to me!!!" and she apparently had devoured that Bible that night.

ANYWAYS, the short of it was that a volunteer brought her and her boyfriend to the event last night. there they were, front row. You gotta know the redemption that the Lord is doing here, they both just got out of prison about three weeks ago. Crazy criminal activity. Crazy redemption on the horizon. GOD IS DOING A MIRACLE IN THEIR LIVES!!!!!

The presentation went from 7-8:30 or so. I just preached it guys. The Lord just gave me the words. I had an outline there, but had not run through it, but the Lord just made a way. I lost it about 10 minutes in when describing about that first devotional we were at, and proceeded to cry on and off throughout the next hour. We ended with worship and I've never wept through a worship set before, but I did. there were times when i couldn't sing. I cut the last song because I was a complete wreck and couldn't make it through it. There were 40+ people who came, I was so delighted, it was fantastic. some people were prevented from coming (there's an enemy at work out there) and some people were last minute shows. People were touched. People were encouraged. People cried along with me, (especially my little delinqant friends in the front row...Joel cried through the whole thing.)

To be honest, I think most people were stunned. They were greatly encouraged. God was there.

When the last of us left at 9:30p or so, wouldn't you know it, it was SOOOOO windy last night. Like, uncommonly windy. v.v.v.v.v.v windy. Interestingly, "wind" and "spirit" come from the same Greek word. Coincidence????

I . Don't. Think. So.

thanks for listening. it's another stone.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time for Coffee

I will have to start thinking of a great new name for my blog as another summer approaches. I admit that the current "The Third Floor" has been my favorite from amongst all of the others.

I have some friends who have/are depicting "one week in my life" through photos of their feet and where they go. Well, my life has been more virtual lately as I do quite a lot of emailing and working on presentations right here on my computadora. so, here is a photo of my hand for my hands do a lot more work than my feet.

There are several stories associated with this hand for example: the ring. Not The Ring as in THE RING, but...this ring. It has been on my hand for two years. See my good friend Annalizzza had slept at my place one day and left her rings here. I wore them around for a week waiting until i saw her again in order to give them back. In the span of that week, I decided I quite liked this one particular ring and didn't it look nice upon my finger? She said I could have it. Which was a nice gesture as it became a friendship reminder as I was leaving for the summer and then she was scheduled to depart for Corhia. It has been lost once, where upon Mr. Nick discovered it lying dismally abandoned upon the asparagus floor. Squished and deformed, it certainly would not fit upon my finger. He offered it to me in silence as there were no appropriate words of comfort to offer in light of this great misfortune.

It was a dark hour.

Robert, however, is man-extraordinaire and he fixed it for me. So it has found it's home again upon my little finger.

Second: the thick, gaudy pink nailpolish. Last night was the first of two over-night shifts at the at-risk youth center that I have been involved at. Last night one of the residents and I found some make-up and I proceeded to glob it on my fingers as we watched Jason Bourne work his cleverness on the tele. I will have to remove it before Monday when I fly because last time I went down, Juls didn't have any remover and so I had ugly, chipping nails for three whole weeks.

How's that for a light post. Here is a title, you can read for yourself, which is a delightful read. The writing is absolutely superb. It surprised me really, but I've been enjoying my slow plod through this novel. It's a beautiful old edition with colored pics that I found in Antigua.