Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's for True

I don't know what my issue is. I enjoy writing. I enjoy posting. But I just simply never do. I think what it is, is that there's so much going on that to adequately stay up with it all, I'd have to post several times a week and THAT'S never gonna happen and so I just never know where to start and so...I don't. Lame. I will try and do better.

It is a winter-wonderland outside my window. Down came the manna all day yesterday, who knew? I for one had no idea the forecast was for snow. I love the snow, but I can't get around anywhere as my scoot scoot does not do snow. But it is lovely none-the-less. I was supposed to go to my grandparents bible study tonight. They have a really tight-knit group of friends that meets every two weeks. Tonight one of the guys who is a Greek scholar was going to be leading the discussion and I was formally invited because I, as you know, am interested in Greek. I was very excited to go. But then my cold, which was just minor on Tuesday, got out of hand and now I am sick. Not dreadfully sick, but sick enough that I cannot go as I could potentially do serious damage to my G-pa who is vulnerable in his health due to chemo treatments. So now I cannot go. I am disappointed, but am hopeful that I will be right as rain for the next one in two weeks.

I have been learning lots in this Christian walk lately. A lot of it has to do with the cost of discipleship. There is a cost. I was sitting with a friend in a certain corporate coffee shop the other day and as I sat there thumping my finger on my bible, I said, "this thing is going to cost me my life." And it's true. This Jesus thing is much more serious than I ever realized. The gospel demands absolutely everything. It is a good thing my friends, a good thing. It is truth and it is worth it. I just never realized before. Like never really really realized the implications of the gospel.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cristo Vive!

For several days now I've been meaning to update. There is much to tell. But I cannot possibly tell that which I would like to.

Carolyn and I were discussing what the word "witness" means. I said that I would look it up in the Greek, but I have not done that yet. Hang on.

It is difficult to articulate exactly what is going on here. We've been talking about that too. How can one describe the things of God? It will inevitably cheapen it because it goes beyond language. We are called to witness, but why? The Greek does not really add any insight but dialogue around this has brought me to this conclusion: we are called to witness because in the act of sharing with one who has not seen, has not experienced, has not received or lived the same Jesus type of things causes a yearning for the same. right? One hears stories of encounters with angels and one thinks, hey, I want to encounter an angel. Or one hears of a limb growing back and he or she thinks, hey I want to see a limb grow back. Do we not desire to see our God act in the miraculous ways in which we give lip service to believing?

I do not feel like articulating everything. Here is a short synopsis which is the general foundation of everything:

I have spent several days touring myself around all of the monuments and churches in Antigua to better understand the cultural/spiritual/historical climate of this region. There are 33 churches from Colonial Guatemala all within 15 square blocks or so. They are from the days when Spain first charged in and colonized the area. The religious influence is Catholic. As a result of this touring, I have looked at dead Jesus after dead Jesus after dead Jesus. The Catholic church down here is rather fond of Jesus hanging on a cross. I am rather fond of the Resurrected Lord. There is a very big difference between the two.

On Sunday night, I had just wrapped up a long day of looking and scrutinizing various churches with dead and bloodied Jesus' hanging on crosses and the contrast was stark when I got off the bus at El Calvario and entered into a time of praise with 500+ people singing Cristo Vive! at the top of their lungs. That means "Christ is alive!" It was the biggest Jesus party I've ever been to. The fact that our Lord lives is worth celebrating, let me tell you. It's the only real reason to celebrate at all.

The Risen Lord and all of the implications of that fact is the theme of this trip. My faith has jumped several octaves.