Monday, January 19, 2009

God Bless Kat

dear Friends,

This is a quick shout out to ask for some prayer coverage. Tomorrow, at 8am, I am flying away to Ontario and then on Thursday, five of us are flying down to Guatemala for two and half weeks. The purpose of the trip is for our leadership to all be together to have meetings to discuss the incredible work of the Lord!!! both this past summer and in the present and in the expected future. We will be discussing everything about everything in relation to Global Shore.

One whole agenda item is the topic of myself and my future involvement with the program. I will very likely be working with this organization on a full-time basis starting in May and following another summer of the usual Ontario/Guatemala split, the questions for next fall become: what will Kat do? Where will Kat live? When will Kat move? Etc. So the significance of the trip is up there.

If I cross your mind, mumble a "God bless Kat and team." And by saying that, you will be asking for God to have favour on me and our group. A very minor Greek lesson for today is that one of the meanings of the word "bless", which in the Greek is εὐλογέω, is to have favour on one. And we do indeed desire the favour of the Lord upon us.