Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great Love

My mind was done, just done the other night and the best medicine for my mushy brain was a good laugh. And so, I decided that I wanted to watch Nemo, but that didn't work out for technical difficulties, and then I thought, well, I'll watch Sahara, the side-kick in that movie is hilarious, but then my eye caught "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton." No, I thought. I couldn't possibly. But then I remembered, yeah, Topher Grace is a hilarious actor, just his mannerisms crack me up because they are most akin to an old friend by the name of Jared Houston who has the same awkward, hilarious style (miss that guy). So second only to flying Jared himself to my living room for a personal stand-up show, I popped it in.

I laughed. I cried! It was so good. Not as in "Blood Diamond" good or "Anne of Green Gables" good, but as in Topher Grace, in-need-of-something-highschool-ish good. And here was the best-est line of the movie:

Bartender: "Was it love, big love, or great love?"

TG: "what's the difference?"

Bartender: Love you get over in two months. Big love, two years, but Great love...well, great love changes your life."


Come on. that's amazingly profound, or at least it was to my fried mind, late on a friday night as I craddled my glass of Pinot Grigio and subconsciously had the stress of papers hanging over my head.

Here's some recent love that I witnessed: Which one is it Louie? (is this not the sexiest f0t0 you ever saw?'re amazing).

So in my life, it is o for three my friend. Let it be known that I don't think that anything short of the latter is worth it, this I know, and this I shall henceforth abide by. The only love in my life that is even remotely related to this discussion is the Great Love of the Good Lord, and that, appropriately, hits it out of the ball park entirely.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thi5 i5 an A.

0kay 0kay.

ha hA! h0mew0rk pr0crastinati0n. 1....3 (if i were a backward's Greek) and...5...that's it i think. 0kay, here'5 the game: y0u'11 find 0ut later.

s0, i wa5 g0ing t0 g0 t0 a bib1e 5tudy t0night, but i ju5t d0n't fee1 1ike playing the r01e of newbie again, at lea5t n0t t0night, 50 I'm n0t g0ing t0 g0. Even th0ugh I haven't been 0ut 0f the h0u5e a11 day and i g0t a11 spiffed up f0r n0thing, but hey it'5 nice to be 5piffed up ju5t f0r me, y0u kn0w?

0h 5pani5h mu5ic. 0n 5unday i went t0 a 5pani5h church. n0t 5ure h0w my 5peaking i5 after tw0 m0nths, cuz i didn't rea11y ta1k t0 any0ne 0ther than my bi1ingual friend wh0 0pted to 5peak t0 me in ang1ai5, but my c0mprhen5i0n i5 5ti11 up there. that i5 g00d new5 becau5e, friend5, if y0u haven't heard, i wi11 be vi5iting the 1and of 5paniard5 f0r three week5 at the end 0f January. 100king f0rward t0 that trip. ye55um.

f0ur week5! preci5ément. unti1 i 5hall f0rever be terminated the w0rking 0n 0f the undergrad. y0u bet bébé. int0 the b1ue bey0nd. the blue that i5 bey0nd b1ue in the bey0nd. i cann0t wait t0 5ee bey0nd that kind 0f b1ue. TAKE ME N0W!!!!

i'm g0ing to be creative right n0w. a 5pecia1 f0t0 m0ment f0t0 f0t0 ju5t f0r y0u.

wou1d y0u be1ieve me if i 5aid that a11 three 0f the5e image5 came fr0m the 5ame f0t0? it i5 true. and that i5 ca11ed arti5tic 1icen5e.

here i5 a g00d Je5u5 w0rd: it i5 f0und ju5t ea5t 0f 1uke, ju5t we5t 0f 9 and a 5midget midget 0ver fr0m 3o but n0t yet at 32.

If y0u abide in my w0rd, y0u are tru1y my di5cip1e5, and y0u wi11 kn0w the truth and the truth 5ha11 5et y0u free.