Saturday, October 18, 2008

Life in Red

We're back baby. This is a third person myself. I think I've lost the world, so here this night, post-wedding, should-be-working-on-a-paper, recently-inspired-by-Tanner's-blog....I write.

Life and weddings and marriage and love and Jesus and school and good music. I want to sing in coffee shops. or busk. That would really make sense with a lot of who i am. Kat: the busker. The female minstrel? What does that look like? (such was the question posed to me today.) Me. You're looking at it. I am. The Female Minstrel.

When I'm bored and doing homework, I take I'm-bored-and-doing-homework shots in photobooth. Here's my recent fav:

I have an insane collection of I'm-bored-and-doing-homework shots. Someday I'm going to publish a photo book and this is what the title is going to be, it's really innovative: I'm-bored-and-doing-homework. Shots.

So, self, are you really enjoying your current study of "Believing God" by Beth Moore? Why yes, I am, thanks for asking. It is so precisely what I need to be learning and affirming in my life right now. In fact, I'd recommend it to anyone who asked me for a recommendation. Say someone came up to me and asked, "hey you, who do you recommend?" why I'd say, "I would recommend Beth Moore to you, I would, yes I would, I would recommend, rec-commend, re-commend, commend, recommend Beth Moore to you, yes I would recommend her." And they would reply, thank-you for that recommendation. and i would reply, I am exceedingly grateful for the chance to recommend Beth Moore to you. and then i would leave.

qoq. that was supposed to say "wow" but my fingers were on the wrong keys.

The sexiest love song that will ever exist is "The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice. It just doesn't get any better than that.

The read of the month from the literature department is Native Son by Richard Wright. It's a black writer writing about black rage in the states. It was published in 1940. Very interesting. I'm going to write an 'A' paper on that book. That is what I will do. That is what I will do as soon as I finish my 'A' paper on Homer and I will do that as soon as I finish the very necessary task of doing a face-lift on a blog read by myself. Yes. My life of back-burner activities.