Sunday, August 31, 2008

My life my life

Where a more appropriate place exists to write a final blog entry for summer 2008 other than the airport of my layover, I know not. Here I am, sitting in Edmonton, the place of my birth. A shout out to Rachel, Jeff and lil’ Linnea. Thanksgiving plans are still in the back of my mind. Via…scooter? Yow.

The summer the summer. The last post was a photographic experience if I recall. Here’s the problem, so so sos ososos osos oso much has gone down, I just cannot possibly do it justice in writing. Please, let’s go for coffee and I will share with you in person if you are interested. The short of it is this: I am bursting with testimony, with the incredible work that God did within our team. The utter transformation. The Good News of the gospel. It is such good news! Who knew. I mean, I “knew” but I didn’t “know” until…august. Ah, it’s so good.

I'm such a little editor. I just took out a chunk of some Jesus stuff, it was good, but, I don't want to preach??? . No, I don't. I want to be a person of love. Can everyone in my Abby vacinity who is reading this take it upon themselves to be my personal accountability partners this next while, ensuring that I am a person of love?

If there is any closing encouragement I can offer, it would be to pick up your bible. Just read it. Seriously, crack open those ancient pages, pick up a translation other than the one you’ve memorized your whole life, and force yourself to read the content of that book. I guarantee you will be surprised. Search for all the promises that God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit offer to us. And hold on to them forever.

At the beginning of august it became quite clear that our team was caught up in something far bigger than ourselves, that this summer, the twelve of us, in Guatemala, had been in the divine scheme of things for quite a while. What a privilege.

Hey, I think my suitcase is getting loaded on the plane. Moving up up up up up the little suitcase escalator thing.

What am I reading right now. Let’s investigate the carry-on luggage of Kat: The Bible. (gooder). Fear & Trembling (I’m holding out to marry a Søren one day…is that Russian?) And, the newest addition: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Thanks Carolyn, I’m enjoying it. A nice mix of honesty and humor from one successful New York writer, whose life falls apart and so she goes on a search for God and self across the world. So far it is intriguing that she, quite clearly, has identified the still small voice of God in her life, to the point of it dictating to her as she writes. What is interesting is that God, at this point, is the big Deity, but not yet associated with Christ or salvation, maybe she will find him by the end of the book, but I don’t think she does. And so it is interesting, that, I think, God is readily available to dialogue with everyone, whether they fall into the Christian category or not. Interesting. And now we come full circle that, you are very right Carolyn, “Because we are all on a journey.” Amen to that.

That was an unnecessary glimpse into my personal library at the moment. It intrigues me and therefore…everyone else as well??? Mah.


I'm back home now. And I'm just a-chilling, and posting this last one, and I had a brilliant thawt, brilliant. I was trying to think of some closing pic that would be all-encompassing, but there isn't one. So, as you have noticed, I have included the series of topical shots that I took in the Chimaltenango market. And, now I will draw my own topical picture of my summer. Because...I have time to do something bizarre like that? It will be this self-reflective exercise. here we go.

Closing thoughts.

Music is beautiful.

People are beautiful.

Honesty is beautiful.

Vulnerability is beautiful.

Acceptance is beautiful.

Spanish worship is beautiful.

I am beautiful.

Piano is beautiful.

Team 2008 is beautiful.

Guatemala is beautiful.

Ontario is beautiful.

This airport is beautiful.

Abbotsford. You’re beautiful too.

Thanks for following. Traditionally, this is the part where I declare the dormancy of this blog henceforth and thereafter this closing post, until another trip, however, I may just throw a thought or two out there every once in a while, and who really knows how long I shall abide in sweet ol’ Abby. And so.

If you like. Keep me bookmarked.

Much much much love, Kat

Friday, August 15, 2008

are you singing to yourself.

I have nothing to say. Or no patience to say it. So this is the... obligatory update since it's overdue. so...let the pics speak. SPEAK!

Mayan Ladies.

Juls and the hybrid.

Only on a Guatemalan volcano top.

Piggie market in Chimaltenango.

ummmmm....took a little longer than we thought??????

four-foot nothing Spanish teacher: Ana. love. her.

Cindy-lita. sis-ter.

animal plastic funsies.

classic vintage wall.

Python around mi neck!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

"Preamble from the Heart" ~SK

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. That's how Paul starts most of his letters. I thought I'd follow his lead.

We just returned back from a weekend at Semuc Champey. It's a really beautiful tropical, translucent pool paradise. I've written about it the last few years, you can read about it and see photos from the archives if you're a really hardcore follower of my life. I'll hit the highlites of the weekend: some good hammock time. some really good Kierkegaard time. Some good devo time with the group. Some time. Some good rope-swing time. Some good contemplate-life time.

So, this time last week, something shifted in our group. Dare I call it a "shift of the Spirit?" I think so. It's been a very exciting week. Three of the students were involved in a hardcore, Spirit-led, exorcism time, which in turn, rocked their world because...because. Jesus is alive and his Spirit is in us! (maybe). Yeah. And then...this hunger that had been prophesied over our group months ago, without our knowledge, is being fulfilled, because a good chunk of the team is hungry for the things of the Lord. Because our generation, to generalize, is fed up with Christianity as a religion and is interested in the real guts of the relationship with Jesus part. So we are hungering after the Lord. And then Elise was baptised on Thursday. Which was exciting. And and and. it's good. It's the best feeling as a leader when you've known all along that you're really just a pawn in the whole scheme of things, and then it becomes really clear who the real King Pin is.

Rather train yourself for godliness, for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. ~1 Tim. 4:8.

Even of a person born in humble circumstances I ask that he should not be so inhuman towards himself as to be unable to think of the king's castle except at a distance and by dreaming of its grandeur indistinctly, wanting to exalt it and simultaneously destroying its grandeur by exalting it in such a debasing way. I ask that he be human enough to approach and bear himself with confidence and dignity there too... I ask everyone not to think so inhumanly of himself as to dare not set foot in those palaces where not just the memory of the chosen lives on but the chosen themselves. He should not push himself shamelessly forward and thrust upon them his kinship with them, he should feel happy every time he bows before them, but be frank and confident and always something more than a cleaning woman; for unless he wants to be more than that he will never come in there. ~Søren Kirkegaard.

Give some thought to that.

mmmmm, on another note, i ate the heart of a gallina this past week. That's a chicken more or less. There was actually an aorta sticking out of it. it was quite the mental challenge. Mind over matter. and cold showers are much easier to take if they are but three minute immersions instead of limb by limb by limb as i am accustomed to doing. Just look how the Lord is transforming my ways, it's incredible.

The random assortment of pictures are just that: the snapshots of day to day life. T.I.G. This Is Guatemala. Nevermind..."web acceleration error" aka. the photos aren't uploading. Another time then.