Saturday, September 01, 2007


Here I sit, on Pembina St. in Winnipeg, the little corner table unit at the local Starbucks. I feel like a foreign import wearing my stylish knee-length, hand-stitched red, cocktail-slant skirt (which, you ladies, may purchase at your local fairtrade party in November), as well as some sweet cowboy boots. Bling bling. Marcial, I wear your products proudly. My favorite drink is not as tasty as I remember it, and perhaps my tastebuds have become foreign as well.

The summer has come. The summer has gone. I was talking with my bro-in-law Dan last night about how funny it is that just under a year ago I was struggling about what to do with my summer, and now here it has passed me by.

Just in case you forgot how cute little Cindy we are with trensas in our hair. All things Global Shore ended well. We flew home on the 23rd, had some debrief until this past Sunday, and then the students filtered off in the following days. My sister Jess roadtripped it out and arrived Sunday afternoon to celebrate my birthday with me, and we lounged at the Konrads’ until Wednesday afternoon, enjoying a few leasuring days in the sun, amongst the fruit trees, with fresh fare spread upon the picnic blanket. Now here we are in Winnipeg visiting the other sis, Jenn, until Sunday morning and then it is home home home. It was good to hear from each student about their observations, and the things and people that impacted them. It’s not always evident, the workings and changes of the heart, but God, in his graciousness, worked and taught and grew in every one of the students’ lives. One of the main objectives of my summer was to grow in leadership, and that happened! Perhaps the most useful aspect of this was realizing my many weaknesses, and knowing what needs improvement in the future.

I’m listening to this sweet Spanish worship song entitled “La niƱa de tus ojos” while I write this. It’s just beautiful in Spanish, and does not translate that well into English, but some of the lines are, “you saw me when no one else saw me…you loved me when no one else loved me….and you gave me a name….” Hmmm, why am I sharing this…perhaps it is because a chapter has closed, a new one is soon to begin, more decisions will have to be made, more of life lived, the big wide world ahead of me. And God walks with us, each of us, through it all. And it’s not worth really thinking seriously five years down the road, or really two years down the road, because, at least for me, my plans hardly ever work out the way I’ve thought them up. It seems to work better step by step by step by step, being obedient in the moment, in the best way that I know how to. The last line of this song is “Te amo mas que ha mi vida” which means, “I love you more than my life” which I suppose is what a life boils down to, n’est pas?

One final last plug for your local fairtrade party happening this autumn near you....check out this "iron art". Need I say more.

So, there we have it. The blog from this moment on shall regress into its dormant state for at least another seven months. Thanks for following.


Post Script: I just learned what the word “pretentious” means. I was going to use it in the context of, “my pretentious Starbucks drink”, but than I realized that I didn’t quite know the definition of it, although it seemed to fit with my context, and so I dictionaried it and it means, “attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture ,etc., than is actually possessed.” In response to this definition I have two things to say to two people: Dan Konrad: I do not, in fact, own a “pretentious Mac” as you so often stated. Carolyn Konrad: thinking that I am “one of the least pretentious people” that you know, is perhaps one of the greatest compliments of my life, and I have only now realized the significance of it. Thank you for that.